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February 15, 2023  Web Team/Social Media  Our community is fortunate to have a library program that offers fun, hands-on learning for all ages. Our OES students have benefited from attending for years and continue to learn from the various library projects.   Story Hour has had a long history at the Osborne Public Library (OPL). For the last seven years, it has been led by Susan Miller, an active volunteer at the OPL. Story Hour is for ages 3-5 and held on Friday morning from 10:15 to 11:00am. They work on communication skills, listening, giving their full attention to the speaker, and keeping their hands to themselves. Each week, they read a book related to an event that is happening, for example, a Valentine's Day book during the month of February. After they get done reading, they get to do arts and crafts related to the book. Susan has about 8-20 kids each week. She also has three helpers; Scottie, Huntley, and Jeffrey Bedient. Susan said that she has enjoyed watching the kids grow and learn throughout the years of working here.  The beginning of the after school library program started when school was released early on Wednesdays to for Professional Learning Communities at USD 392. The program has  included up to 50 kids at one point, which resulted at that time in splitting into two groups;Wack on Wednesdays and Mack on Mondays.    Due to the COVID Pandemic, the program had to take a break in 2020. When they started back up, they decided to format it just a little bit differently. Karen Wallace, the head librarian at the OPL, now works with grades 3-5 just once a month. They are the Community Helpers.  These students read books to raise money, and then use that money to help organizations throughout the community. They have also helped out at the Food Pantry and visited with the fire department about fire safety. The other group that gets to attend the after school program is K-2nd graders. They attend the library program every other month and have three sessions to learn about a specific subject. This past month, they chose to research famous Kansans for Kansas Day. They learned about Amelia Earhart, and then made paper airplanes that they flew outside.   The OPL’s main focus for the after school programs is for the students to do all kinds of STEM projects to keep their brains working, while also having fun. Karen said she wanted the library to be an extension of learning from school where the kids could do the fun science projects that they can’t necessarily do at school. Karen’s favorite part about having the program is when they can just go outside and make a mess, like when they mixed coke with Mentos.  The library program has influenced many students and our community for many years now. Volunteering at the OPL is one way that our high school students give back, as they were once participants as well.  There have been a little over 200 kids that have attended the after school library program, and Karen can’t wait for so many more!
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