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senior spotlights


To me, graduation means: "our class has finally accomplished the thing we started 12 years ago as classmates and now we have turned into good friends."

- Doak Guttery


"Three things I am grateful for are ...all the seasons, because each one is exciting in their own way; school, because I get to see everyone; and sports, because they are very fun!"

- Gracie Riner

Jillian Schafer

Advice for an upcoming student of the OHS: "Be kind to everyone. We are all too stressed out to be adding more on top of it. "

- Jillian Schaefer

Huddy Wolterssss

Advice to an upcoming student of the OHS: "Not to be nervous cause everything’s dramatic about how stressed you will be."

- Hudson Wolters


Favorite memory at OHS: "Dayton pushing me across the gym in a trash can and hitting a bowl of caramel."

- Nathan Goheen


To me, graduation means: "the closing of one chapter of my life and the opening of the next."

- Qwinton Morris


Advice to an incoming OHS student: "don't focus on outcomes - if you put in the work, you will accomplish your goals."

- Aiden Conrad


Words to the coach that has inspired me; "Thank you for pushing me to be a better athlete, as well as a better person. "

- Jonny Hamel


Three things I am grateful for: "Sleep because it lets me perform at my best; food because it gives me fuel throughout the day; and Osborne because the community has always supported me."

- Sam Kendig


"Thank you for pushing me to be a good person and to not fail."

- Spencer Nichols


"My future goal is to become a realtor. "

- Jett Nopens


"My spirit animal is a butterfly"

- Allie Nicholson


To me, graduation means: "The start of a new journey in life. It is a chance to reflect on past experiences and all the achievements we have made."

- Mya Schweitzer

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