USD 392 receives grant from OCCF for Stadium Revitalization

The Osborne County Community Foundation is pleased to award a grant to USD 392 to assist with needed renovations to the football stadium.  Anyone who has sat in the bleachers at the USD 392 football and track field stadium in recent years will agree that substantial repairs are needed for the safety of those in attendance.  While the metal benches are in good shape, the wooden base has become increasingly unsound.  Numerous repairs have been made over the years, but some areas are now beyond repair.  With the facility being used almost year-round (Jr. High and High School track and field practices and events in the Spring, elementary school-age football in the summer, and Jr. High and High School football in the Fall), it is imperative that work be done soon.  The stadium not only serves our school district but neighboring districts as well since Osborne hosts numerous sporting events.   Having a decent stadium is also a financial boon to Osborne as spectators from other towns often spend money in town eating and shopping. The OCCF is happy to be able to play a part in helping USD 392 to replace the current wooden base.  Spectators will soon be able to climb to the upper levels without fear of falling through!