PTL Junior High Music Festival Results

Mary Carlin - Vocal Solo- I
Mackenzie Cole - Vocal Solo- I
Kayla LaRosh - Vocal Solo- II
Abigail Rigney - Vocal Solo- I
Josh Choate - Vocal Solo-I
Arianna Miller - Vocal Solo- I
Aiden Nicholson - Vocal Solo- I
Osborne Treble Ensemble- I
Osborne Boys Ensemble- I
Osborne JH Choir- I

Josh Choate - Bari Sax Solo- I

Olivia Mans- Alto Sax Solo- I
Camrun Taylor - Alto Sax Solo- II
Deecon Dill - Alto Sax Solo- I
Olivia Mans - Piano Solo- I
Ryah Bertuccelli - Flute Solo- I
Claire Mick- Alto Sax Solo- I
Tianna Lutters - Flute Solo- II
Osborne 6-8 Mixed Ensemble- I

Congratulations to all of our students and their great success today. Thank you to Maggie McKain and Joan Smith for accompanying today.