On Thursday, March 3, Osborne Junior High’s scholars bowl teams traveled to Rock Hills for an eight team round robin meet. The Osborne eighth grade team consisted of Ryah Bertuccelli, Mary Carlin, Taylor Ellenz, Annie Kendig, Tianna Lutters and Jayla O’Leary. Seventh graders representing OJH were Saralyn Barfield, Porter Choate, Claire Mick, Leah McKelvey, and Phillip William.

 The Osborne eighth graders started off play against Thunder Ridge and won 80 - 40. Carlin led scoring with four for the team, Bertuccelli answered two and Kendig and Lutters each added one apiece in the OJH victory.  In a tough round with Pike Valley, OJH lost 50 - 55 as their opponents correctly answered the final question to take round two. Carlin answered two for the team, with Bertuccelli, Kendig and O’Leary each adding one apiece. Against Republic County in round three, Osborne won 60 - 50 as Bertuccelli answered three in the round, Lutters two and Carlin one. During round four against Miltonvale, OJH won 60 - 20. Scoring three in the round was O’Leary, while Bertuccelli added two and Kendig one. 

As Osborne continued play in the eighth grade division, they beat Glasco 70 - 20. Bertuccelli answered four correctly with O’Leary adding two and Lutters one in the round. The local team next faced Rock Hills in round six, but lost 50 - 70. Scorers in the round were Bertuccelli with three and Carlin with two. In their final round for the day, Osborne lost to St. John’s, but it took three tie breaker questions, the last one of which St. John’s answered correctly to claim the 50 - 60 win over OJH. Lutters answered three correctly for the team with help from Bertuccelli and Carlin who scored one apiece.

Since the Osborne eighth grade team finished the day with a 4-3 win/loss record in their division the team was able to place third at the Rock Hills meet. Placing first was the host team, Rock Hills, followed by St. John’s  in second place. 

In the seventh grade division at the Rock Hills meet, Osborne played Thunder Ridge during round one and grabbed their first victory of the day, 70 - 40. Choate led by scoring six in the round and McKelvey added one to the team total. Against Pike Valley in round two, OJH lost the round 50 - 75. Choate scored four with McKelvey adding one correct answer in the round. During round three against Republic County, OJH won 80 -20 with Choate scoring six and McKelvey adding two in the winning round. Against Rock Hills in round four, Osborne won 70 - 30. Choate answered four correctly for the team with additional points from McKelvey with two and Mick with one in the round.

When Osborne played Glasco in round five, the OJH team scored 90 to their opponent’s 0. Choate scored eight of the team’s points with McKelvey adding one more. Against Rock Hills in round six, Osborne won by a similar score, 90 - 10, over the host team. Choate scored six, William, two, and McKelvey, one in the winning team effort. As the team faced St. John’s in round seven, OJH narrowly lost 50 - 55. Choate scored four and McKelvey added one in the round. 

Osborne’s seventh grade team finished competition with a 5-2 win/loss record for the day. OJH brought home third place honors for their efforts at the meet. Pike Valley took first in the seventh grade division and St. John’s took second place at the meet.