Algebra students celebrated Kansas Day by working on cumulative projects last week.

In groups, students "traveled" through Kansas by taking a Google quiz about Kansas trivia.  Using those answers, they plotted their towns on a Kansas map coordinate plane.


Algebra 2 students used the scatter plot to find a line of best fit and determine correlation.  They wrote equations of the lines from town to town and created a system of inequalities encompassing towns from their quiz.

Algebra 1 & PreAlg students picked a vehicle for their "trip" and then calculated the distance between each town along with their cost of gas for the trip.  They found the change of elevation between each town and also calculated the mean, median, mode, and range based on their populations.  While Algebra 1 students found the equations of the lines from each town back to Osborne using slope intercept form, Pre Algebra students calculated each lines slope and also used Pythagorean Theorem to find their unit distances.

Each group also researched at least three Kansas towns by finding a famous person, popular attraction, and historic fact connected with that town.


Once the groups had all of their information, they organized their work on poster boards and decorated them with pictures of the places they "visited!"