Wow, they finished in first place in their pool at the 2022 KSHSAA Scholars Bowl Regional hosted by Ness City High School.  Rylan Cline-Hackerott, Helen Carlin, Aydan Dill, Levi Knoll, Katzel Carlin and Kate Kendig left Osborne at 1:00 pm on the cold afternoon of February 3 to travel to Ness City, a three plus hour drive.  There were fourteen teams at this particular Regional which were divided into two pools.  The OHS team won four of their six regular rounds of competition which gave them a first place finish in their pool.  However, this just got the team into the final rounds of play.  The top three teams from each pool advanced to play five more rounds in a round robin format which is where the actual determination of who will earn a berth in the KSHSAA State Scholars Bowl Competition to be held Saturday, February 12.  The Osborne competitors won their first two final rounds but were not able to best the next three foes.  In the last final round of competition Stockton played Rawlin's County.  If Stockton won then Osborne would advance to State, but if Rawlins County won then Osborne wouldn't go to State.  After seven tie breaker questions Rawlins County broke the tie on a current events question sending Osborne home for the season.  Osborne came very close to advancing to State.  However, that is the nature of Scholars Bowl.  There are twists and turns at these events.  Thus the OHS Scholars Bowl teams' season has come to a close.  The team played well at the Regional and had a good season overall.          

Alas, as so often it must be so, that we must bid ado to a couple of our team members.  Seniors Rylan Cline-Hackerott and Helen Carlin will complete their high school careers in May and move on to their next season of life.  We wish them God's Speed and God's Blessings as they journey on beyond high school.  As for the next Scholars Bowl season no predictions will be made because so many things can and will likely change between now and next October.  But what can be said is that OHS has the makings of a strong team next season.  So we will see.  Go Dogs!!