The OHS Scholars Bowl team completed their 2021/2022 season with two competitions.  Monday, January 24, Seniors Rylan Cline-Hackerott, and Helen Carlin along with Juniors Graham Bales, Aydan Dill, and Levi Knoll sojourned to Phillipsburg for an eleven team round robin competition.  So the team got to answer questions in ten rounds, which adds up to 160 questions.  These questions were quite challenging with a number of rounds only having three questions answered between both teams.  The OHS team had a very unlikely scenario occur at this event.  In five consecutive rounds the team ended the round in a tie.  In the event of a tie a question from a randomly chosen category is asked.  The first team to get a tie breaker question correct wins the round.  Of the five ties the OHS team won three of them.  At the conclusion of ten rounds the OHS team had won five of their rounds.  Thus they went home without any medals, but they had done well.          

Then Wednesday, January 26, the OHS Scholars Bowl team traveled to St. John's High School in Beloit to compete in the NPL league Varsity competition.  Only three team members were able to make it to this event.  Senior Helen Carlin, Junior Levi Knoll, and Sophomore Katzel Carlin competed for OHS at this NPL league competition.  There were fifteen schools represented at this Varsity Scholars Bowl.  So they were divided up into one pool of eight and one pool of seven.  The OHS team was put in the larger pool.  After seven rounds of questions the Osborne competitors finished in third place which meant they got to compete in the five final rounds of play.  The trio won their first final round but did not fare as well in the next four.  However, at this last event of the regular season they got the chance to compete in twelve rounds.  That is a good finish.

  With the regular season concluded the team has the KSHSAA Regionals to look forward to.  Six team members will travel to Ness City Thursday, February 3 for this big event that will have fourteen schools represented.  The top three finishers will earn a place in the State Competition that will be held Saturday, February 6.  The questions at Regional competitions are always quite challenging but this OHS team has a good chance of making it to State.  They have done well overall this season.  The Regional will give the team one more chance this season to show what they know.  Go Dogs!!!