Almost made it.  The Osborne Varsity Scholars Bowl ended up in a three way tie for second place in the annual varsity Scholars Bowl hosted by Osborne Monday, January 10, 2022.  Graham Bales Helen Carlin, Levi Knoll Kaetzel Carlin, Clay Guttery and Addison Poore represented Osborne High at their own competition.  At the end of their six regular rounds of play Osborne was tied with Tipton and Beloit.  However, Osborne had lost to both teams and Tipton had defeated Beloit High as well.  The final outcome of the meet was Tipton took the fourth place medal home, Tescott earned third, Rock Hills earned silver and St. John's took home the gold medal.        Aydan Dill, who is also on the team operated a buzzer system for the regular rounds and was a timer in the semi-final and final rounds. Grace William, another team member, operated a buzzer system for the last three rounds of this event.   So all the team members, who were well, worked to bring this Scholars Bowl about.  

      A number of changes kept occuring in the preparation for this Scholars Bowl.  However, our excellent volunteers from the community and from our school made this Scholars Bowl go well despite the challenges. Several coaches expressed that they thought this competition went well.  So thank you to all the volunteers who donated their time and thank you very much to those who were willing to help but several teams canceled  just prior to this event so not as many volunteers were required at the last minute.  Thank you all again for a well done Scholars Bowl!   Go Dogs!!!