Preliminary Results from FHSU Math Relays where are students participated among 411 students from 31 schools.

Osborne placed 3rd out of 14 1A schools! That's a plaque coming home for the wall!

Individuals and team results (these are not broken down by school division, so our kids were competing in their grade against those from 1-6A schools)

Number Sense: K Carlin (3rd-medal!), Befort (8th), Senior team of Lantz, Cline-Hackerott, H Carlin (5th); Freshman team of Guttery, Kendig, William (4th)

Trigonometry: Cline-Hackerott (4th), Senior team of Lantz, Brummer, H Carlin (9th), Junior team of Befort, Lutters, Bales (10th)

Algebraic Manipulations: Kendig (3rd - medal!), Guttery (4th), William (5th), Sophomore team of Riner, Conrad, K Carlin (5th), Junior team of Lutters, Befort, Dill (5th)

Informal Geometry: Conrad (4th), Riner (6th) K Carlin (9th), Lantz (4th), Junior team of Bales, Befort, Lutters (4th)

Applications of Algebra: William (4th), Kendig (10th), Conrad (1st - medal!), Lantz (2nd - medal!), Sophomore team of Guttery, K Carlin, Riner (10th), Senior team of H Carlin, Bales, Cline-Hackerott (4th)

Calculations with Calculators: Kendig (10th), Junior team of Bales, Riner, Lutters (8th)

I'm super proud of these kids! In my time at OHS, we have never had someone place FIRST, and this is only the second time for us to place as a school. The competitions is tough at this event, and our kids rose to the challenge!