The Osborne High Scholars Bowl team has had a whirlwind start to their 2021/2022 season.  After taking third place Monday, November 1, at Stockton, the team traveled to Mankato Tuesday, November 2 for a Varsity Scholars Bowl.  Helen Carlin, Levi Knoll, Katzel Carlin and Kate Kendig comprised the team at this second competition.  The team did well winning four of their seven rounds.  However, that was not enough to make it to the final rounds.  Then Thursday, November 4,  Graham Bales, Aydan Dill, Levi Knoll, Kaetzel Carlin, and Grace William represented Osborne High at Namoa's Varsity Scholars Bowl.  There were eighteen teams at this event so the teams were divided equally into two pools giving each team eight rounds of play.  The Bulldogs won seven straight rounds, losing only their last regular round.  This put the team in first place in their pool at the end of the preliminary rounds.  St. John's took second place in the same pool having been defeated by Osborne.  Tipton and TMP-Marian finished first and second, respectively, in the other pool.  The final rounds were a round robin competition of the top four teams.  The Osborne team fell to each of the other three finalists including St John's. Thus finishing the evening in fourth place.        Then Monday, November 8, the fourth Scholars Bowl in seven days, Helen Carlin, Rylan, Cline-Hackerott, Graham Bales, Aydan Dill, and Grace William sojourned to Lincoln for a 21 team, three pool Varsity event.  The team did quite well in the six preliminary rounds.  They lost only one round, which was to Lakeside.  However, this Scholars Bowl had a most interesting and unexpected twist that gave the Osborne team the opportunity to demonstrate their level of integrity.  In the last preliminary round, Osborne defeated Pike Valley, but the official scorekeeper in the room had accidently turned the scores around on the score sheet giving Pike Valley the win.  Captains of the teams are always to sign these official score sheets at the end of each round double checking that the scores are accurate.   The Osborne captain had signed the scoresheet which means the scores were accurate and final.  When the error came to light, the Osborne captain validated that they had signed the sheet giving Pike Valley the win.  The Osborne team reacted to the news of having taken first place in their pool but not making it to the finals in a way which OHS should be proud.  The captain accepted that an error had been made but that the signature on the scoresheet was official and the ruling would stand.  The team did not moan or complain about  how that may not be fair, but headed back home early having learned a valuable lesson that a person's signature on a piece of paper is their bond and to carefully examine anything they put their signature to.  As Scholars Bowl sponsor I was proud of how the team handled themselves in this situation.  Integrity and a good name is of greater value than any medal.  Medals are soon forgotten, integrity is of priceless value.