First and foremost, thank you to EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who volunteered their time to help us today. From letting us borrow equipment/supplies, to helping mow, give water, direct traffic on the course and work the finish, each and every one of you helped today go smoothly and it blessed us greatly! It really means the world to us!!

Our first home meet in 19 years was small but mighty and the kids competed hard on a very challenging course. In my opinion, it is probably the most challenging we will encounter all season. If you see 'season best' or 'personal record' that is amazing for the kids to have run their fastest times either this season or ever on this course. We are very proud! Thanks to all the teams who came this year and we hope to see you again next year!!

Graham - 1st place, medalist, 19:16.42, 2nd fastest time this season and Meet Record Holder!
Aiden - 2nd place, medalist, 20:47, ran a very smart race and came back from 4th steadily and out sprinted a competitor at the end
Payton - 5th place, medalist, 21:46, a minute faster than last week and is getting stronger after coming back from injury!
Levi - 12th place, 25:06, season best time after being sick all last week and staying home to recover and not being able to train. Super proud!
Darien - 15th, 25:53, 2nd best time this season

Porter - 1st place, medalist, 15:50, 1:54 second Season Best at 2 mile distance and 7th Grade Boys' Meet Record Holder.
Zane - 3rd place, medalist, 20:46, 1:11 second PR at 2 mile distance!

Kate - 1st place, medalist, 23:54, Meet Record and Course Record at Girls' 5K Distance!
Mya - 2nd place, medalist, 24:39, second fastest time this season
Chloe - 4th place, medalist, 27:12, raced smart
Helen - 5th place, medalist, 28:25, Season Best!
Haden - 6th place, medalist, 28:34, Season Best!

Ryah - 1st place, medalist, 14:41, 2nd fastest time of the year at this distance and 8th Grade Girls' Meet Record Holder
Mary - 3rd place, medalist, 17:30, PR at 2 mile distance!
Georgia - 1st place, medalist, 15:30, Season Best at 2 mile distance! 7th Grade Girls' Meet Record Holder
Abby - 2nd place, medalist, 19:46, pushed through and finished with a bad side stitch