Tuesday, March 9, twelve Osborne Junior High scholars bowl team members competed at the Stockton Junior High scholars bowl meet. In addition to Osborne and the host team, Stockton, teams from Smith Center, Norton, Palco, Phillipsburg, Plainville, and TMP/Hays competed in seven rounds of play by grade division. OJH eighth graders competing were Payton Bales, Clay Guttery, Kate Kendig, Dawson Lantz, Addison Poore, and Grace William. Also representing OJH were seventh graders Ryah Bertuccelli, Mary Carlin, Anna Kendig, Tianna Lutters, Jayla O’Leary, and Kaiden Schultze.

As the eighth grade began round robin play, the first round game pitted them against a tough TMP/Hays team and they lost, 40 - 80. William led in scoring for the team with two. She received help from Guttery and K. Kendig, each scoring one apiece. Round two against Palco resulted in the team’s first victory, 70 - 10. Guttery answered three, K. Kendig two, with Poore and William adding one each in the OJH winning effort. Against Phillipsburg in round three, OJH lost on the second tie breaker question, 70 - 80. Guttery picked up five for the team with William and K. Kendig adding one apiece. Round four with Norton found OJH with a win, 60 - 30. Guttery led all scorers with four and had help from K. Kendig and Poore with one each to round out the effort.

Continuing play in round five against Smith Center, Osborne competed against their opponents quite well, but lost, 50 - 60, on the final question of the round. Guttery and William each scored two with help from Poore who had one in the round. Round six against Plainville ended with a 60 - 45 OJH victory. Guttery led in scoring with four and had help from William and Bales who each scored one. In the final round of the day, and their junior high careers, the eighth graders beat Stockton, 80 - 50. K. Kendig scored four, Guttery three and William one in the team’s winning effort.

Osborne finished the eighth grade competition with a 4-3 win/loss record which was not good enough to earn medals at the meet. TMP/Hays finished with a perfect 7-0 record and took first place in the division. Phillipsburg and Smith Center each finished with 6-1 records and placed second and third, respectively.

In the seventh grade division of the meet, Osborne lost round one to TMP/Hays, 30 - 55. Carlin scored two and Bertuccelli one in the losing effort. Against Palco in round two, OJH lost 30 - 40. Scorers for OJH were the same as in round one. Osborne beat Phillipsburg in round three, 70 - 60. Bertuccelli and A. Kendig scored three apiece with Carlin adding one more to the total. In round four against Norton, OJH won 50 - 20. Scoring one apiece in the victory were Bertuccelli, Carlin, A. Kendig, Lutters, and O’Leary. 

Unfortunately, round five with Smith Center resulted in a 5 - 70 loss for OJH. A. Kendig was the lone scorer in the team’s loss. Against Plainville in round six, Osborne picked up an 80 - 20 victory. A. Kendig scored four, Bertuccelli three and Carlin one. In their final round of play against Stockton, OJH won 50 - 40. Bertuccelli led in scoring with three, and Carlin and A. Kendig each added one apiece.

Osborne’s seventh grade team finished the day with a 4-3 win/loss record which was not good enough to place at the meet. TMP/Hays took first with a 6-1 win/loss record for the day. Norton and Smith Center finished the day with identical 5-2 records. Norton placed second due to the head to head competition round where Norton beat Smith Center.

Congratulations to all Osborne Junior High scholars bowl team members on a great season!!!