Cantrell Recognized as one of Kansas' Emerging Artists

Senior OHS artist, Kathryn Cantrell has been chosen as a featured artist in the art show, Sunflower Biennial: Contemporary Art from Emerging Kansas Artists at the Salina Art Center.

The Sunflower Biennial asked emerging artists to share their voice. What were the issues they face, what was their view of the world, what challenges did they face, and in what did they find beauty?  Salina Art Center; along with painter and sound artist, Nelson Smith; then provided a platform for emerging artists that encouraged exchanges of ideas and respect, and allowed them to gain experience with exhibition submissions, building a portfolio, public speaking, marketing their talents, and much more.  

Kathryn's art will be featured at the art center from February 3 - April 14.  About her piece, she writes...

"The little boy in this painting is my greatest blessing. Growing up I had three older siblings, and no younger siblings. I constantly asked my mom to give me a baby brother from the time I was about seven years old. She always told me that she was done having kids, but I persisted for years. I always prayed that God would give me a little sibling, even though my parents were divorced and it was not a realistic wish.

 When I was fourteen, my mom got remarried. Soon after that, she got pregnant. It was an answer to my prayers and when she told me she was expecting, I broke down into tears. His name is Martin. He is the most energetic, fun loving, strong willed little boy you’ll ever meet. He has the most precious blonde curls, and he LOVES watermelon. He is my best friend, and I will never stop thanking God for blessing me with him."

Congratulations, Kathryn, on this great achievement!