The student council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school administration. Our council often helps to raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping people in need and school reform. Our school participates in food drives, fundraisers and parties. Our members learn skills that are an extension of their formal education.

StuCo is responsible for the Homecoming festivities including Eat With Your Favorite Candidate, voting and crowning Royalty, and the Homecoming dance. They do the Christmas movie on the last day of the fall semester and in the spring StuCo invites the student to a Community Clean-up day.

StuCo fundraisers include the Pepsi Water and Juice machine in the High School and selling of Yoder FitSticks. These are very popular with the students and meet the food standard guidelines for the school.

This year the Homecoming king and queen was Connor Goheen and Rhyann Brown.

Ugly Sweater Contest

Our Members Include:

  • President-Rhyann Brown
  • Vice President-Jerica Nopens
  • Secretary- Allison Wooley
  • Treasurer- Rylan Cline

Class Reps:

  • Seniors- Taylor Hahn and Evan Garman
  • Juniors- Allison Wooley and Thomas Spurgin
  • Sophomores- Rylan Cline and Taylor Elson
  • Freshmen- Levi Knoll and Kalli Kaser


  • Kelli Burrus
Clean-up After the Christmas Party